On August 21, the Rhineland-Palatinate Ministry of Economic Affairs invited the “Business and Innovation Center” (BIC) to the Start-Up Night with a special emphasis on healthcare. The aim of the event was to enable young entrepreneurs to exchange ideas and to get to know the network of experienced companies.

At the beginning of the event, Daniela Schmitt, State Secretary in the Rhineland-Palatinate Ministry of Economic Affairs, Transport, Agriculture and Viticulture, stressed the pioneering role of Kaiserslautern when it comes to innovation and digitalization. The State Secretary pointed out that this applies especially to start-up companies in the technical field.

Presentation by Dr.-Ing. Markus Brzeski
Rights: BIC KL – Business + Innovation Center Kaiserslautern GmbH

A+ Composites took part in the event, presenting numerous products at a stand. During the event, our CEO Dr.-Ing. Markus Brzeski gave a presentation. Together with Brigitte Herrmann from the Investment and Economic Development Bank of Rheinland-Pfalz and Klaus Waechter from the Business Angels RLP, Dr. Brzeski talked about financing and promoting innovation. Talking about fundings, he outlined what would be necessary for start-ups to be able to place their products on the market and win customers. Dr. Brzeski also explained the use our fiber-reinforced materials. Furthermore, he presented the ultra-light and ultra-breathable corsets we are currently developing, and our target group for which we manufacture them as well as how this product has been integrated into the market.

At the event, not only the lectures have been well attended, but many interested people came to the stand afterwards. We had the opportunity to show how our fiber-reinforced plastic in orthoses and protheses have proven to be lighter and more flexible and at the same time stronger, improving the patients’ comfort. Our latest technology has also been received enthusiastically: the tapes made of our material can be applied directly to the surface of the orthoses via an adhesive bond. For example, they can be applied in 3D printing: each tape can be produced individually and load-optimized and applied easily. These tapes are not only promising for medical technology, but also have great potential for other industries where fiber reinforcements are used.
We presented exhibits of our corsets and fiber-reinforced 3D-printed orthoses at our booth. Compared to conventional variants, our models have 30 to 50 percent less skin contact, leading to less skin irritation. The corsets can also be reshaped at 70°C in order to tailor them to every customer.
Our products created great interest. In many questions and discussions, we have had the opportunity to inform visitors about our company and products.