The Rhineland-Palatinate days took place in Annweiler on the last weekend in June. We too were there, presenting our products on the “Innovationsmeile” (innovation mile) in the Hohenstaufenstraße.

The exhibition tent of the University of Kaiserslautern ©A+ Composites

There the visitors got a picture of just how stable and light our material is. One presentation included two 3D printed leg orthosis, one reinforced with our carbon tape and the other left plain. The differences in stiffness and strength were remarkable and the visitors were amazed by our materials potential. We also demonstrated the effect of vibration-damping tape on carbon rods. We had previously reinforced one rod with the tape and brought a second unreinforced rod as a comparison. Again, the visitors were impressed by the notable difference: after deflecting, the plain carbon rod fluctuated significantly longer than its optimized contrary.
At the Rhineland-Palatinate Day, we also had the opportunity to revile our materials other benefits. Compared with the production of similar products, we save energy and materials, letting us offer our material at much more affordable prices. In addition, our process is very flexible, letting us quickly produce different tapes in both high and small quantities. Many products that are reinforced with our tapes or rods can be fully recycled, because we can customize the components according to its application.
Our stand was part of the “Innovative Trifelsland” which focused on innovations concerning energy supply, digitization and alternative transportation concepts. Despite the hot weather, the Rhineland-Palatinate Day was well attended and we were thrilled to participate!